• Welcome To Lavalliere

    Welcome to the world of Lavalliere Jewellery 
    Lavalliere's collections blend delicate edges with a stunningly simplistic touch  for a truly modern-meets-masterpiece approach to luxury jewelry. Each unique piece is as chic and effortlessly elegant as Mme Lavalliere's itself.

  • About Lavalliere

    Distinguished by its Quality of design, Quality of material, Quality of workmanship, and Quality of finish. these four Qualities inherent in every Lavalliere piece. A signature leaf motif is incorporated into every design. Each piece is laser-inscribed with the weight of the stone and our company logo.

  • Our Collection

    Our designs are carefully and distinctively created throughout the whole year with no unsold goods stock in our stores. Each piece is made sure to be one of its kind to preserve its uniqueness and originality

    All our pieces are handmade reflecting genuine craftsmanship and inventiveness with the utmost care possible to make a woman’s beauty stand out and dazzle.


    A franchise relationship could be described as a business marriage in which both companies work in close collaboration supporting each other but at the same time legally and financially independent. The franchise has full access to Lavalliere’s comprehensive business format (including brand, assortment and store concept) according to which he/she must operate. We could make beautiful partners!